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Dometic Twin Eagles Teppanyaki

30 inch flat top gril

The easy-to-use Teppanyaki griddle is a versatile addition to your outdoor kitchen. From pancakes in the morning to stir-fried vegetables at night, you’ll have plenty of reasons to head outside and cook something on the griddle!

Heat on indicator lights make sure you know when the cooktop is on

Hot surface ignition with safety gas valve

Includes stainless steel cover to protect the appliance when not in use

120 V electrical power cord

Exclusive control illumination for each control knob

Twin Eagles TETG30-C Teppanyaki - Installation and Operating Manual AMERICAS(en)

Installation and Operating Manual

Versatility at its finest

Versatility at its finest

Unlock more possibilities in your outdoor kitchen with the Teppanyaki griddle. Start each morning in the fresh air as you scramble eggs on your cooktop. Stay outside for lunch to cook a grilled cheese. When guests arrive for dinner on the back porch, heat up some paninis without missing a moment of conversation. Thanks to the Teppanyaki cooktop, you can do it all.

Relish the flavor

Relish the flavor

Some things just taste better on the griddle. And sometimes, cooking outside is more enjoyable. Whatever your reason, you’ll find an endless list of meal ideas to prepare on your Teppanyaki cooktop- all without ever having to heat up your indoor kitchen.

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