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Twin Eagles partner Heartbeet Kitchen’s grilled asian cabbage salad with chicken

This tasty Asian Grilled Cabbage Salad recipe from our exciting new brand partner, Heartbeet Kitchen, is the perfect grilled side for summer, featuring juicy, tamari-marinated chicken, a zesty sesame vinaigrette, fresh herbs, and crushed peanuts. The charred edges and sweet but smoky flavor are truly a mouthwatering experience.


Amanda’s tips for the best grilled cabbage:

  1. Cut it into wedges or halves, leaving the core intact, so there’s no need for a grill pan. This helps to keep all the leaves stuck together, and gives you plenty of surface area for charring.

  2. The goal here is to char the exterior (make sure to hit those wedges on all three surfaces!) while gently softening the interior, leaving a bit of raw crunch at the very center. The tough outer leaves are great for cushioning the heat.

  3. Simply brush it with olive oil and salt, and let your Twin Eagles grill do all the work. Once the cabbage has its initial sear, slide it over to the other side of the grill to cook via indirect heat, and then add the marinated chicken.

The dressing for this salad comes together in less than five minutes. It’s made of classic Asian ingredients like sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and lime juice. Feel free to add a bit of spiciness with red pepper flakes, and a little hit of sweet brown sugar for balance. Mint and cilantro add a bit of brightness, but Thai Basil makes another good addition. Finally, the savory, crunchy peanuts bring it all together.

Learn more about Amanda & Heartbeet Kitchen here.