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Our proprietary 5-Part Grilling System utilizes advanced technology and components designed and engineered exclusively by Twin Eagles. This unique synergistic grilling system integrates direct and radiant heat to ensure your grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures, distributes heat more evenly, offers complete control in each grilling zone, and uses less gas.

Drafting.svg DRAFTING - When you ignite the burners, heat rises and creates drafting which draws clean cool air through vents atthe bottom of the firebox.

Direct-Heat.svg DIRECT HEAT - Our system uses briquette trays with channels that direct heat upward, passing through ports located between the ceramic briquettes.

Hexagonal-Grates.svg RADIANT HEAT - High-grade ceramic briquettes absorb and distribute radiant heat to the cooking surface, essential fo rconsistent grilling.

Radiant-heat.svg ZONE GRILLING - A divider between each burner breaks the grilling surface into zones for independent temperature control.

Zone-Grilling.svg HEXOGONAL GRATES - Oversized grates allow more food-to-surface contact and better heat transfer to the food.

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Performance is built-in

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