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Outdoor Kitchen Spotlight: Extreme Backyard Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Spotlight: Extreme Backyard Designs

Extreme Backyard Designs is a family owned and operated design-build firm located in Southern California. With a lifelong passion for outdoor living, owner James Deeley is dedicated to designing custom BBQ islands, fireplaces, fire tables, and bar units for his customers’ backyards and outdoor spaces from residences to restaurants.

The team at Extreme Backyard Designs designed and delivered this beautiful outdoor kitchen for a family located in Rancho Palos Verdes, featuring a Twin Eagles 36” Outdoor Gas Grill, tons of counter space and storage, along with stunning ocean views.

We recently spoke with the EBD team about why they choose Twin Eagles premier outdoor grills, as well as their design process and approach.

How would you describe your firm’s approach to designing and building quality outdoor living spaces for residential clients?

With our 18 years of experience, first we go over our customer’s wants and needs. Every customer is different including size of their backyard, types of food they cook, how many people they usually cook for, and their location. This will give us a perspective of what we are able to design and what we aren’t able to finesse.

Which Twin Eagles products did your team specify for this project?

This client’s home was located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and had a direct view of the ocean. Due to being so close to the beach and having salt water and moisture in the air, the 36” Twin Eagles Outdoor Gas Grill was the best option for what they wanted to achieve, and to guarantee that the grill would function for years to come.

What about Twin Eagles premier outdoor grills and accessories worked so well with this particular project?

The reason we chose Twin Eagles Grills for this particular project was due to the durability of the grills and accessories, as well as the warranty Twin Eagles stands behind. With moisture and salt water in the air, Twin Eagles was the best option for this specific project.

What specific elements do you look for in products when planning and designing an outdoor kitchen?

The elements we look for in our products consist mainly of design and durability. As a family owned and operated Outdoor Living Center, we take pride in the products we provide and go by the motto, “If we wouldn’t put it in our own backyard, we don’t carry it.” The elements we look for when planning and designing an outdoor kitchen are based on the wants and needs of each customer. For example, some enjoy smoking their food and some want an ice maker accessory. We lay out all the options and products and design from there.