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Hot Surface Igniter, Glow Plug

with screw  

Compatible with: , , , , , .

Old Part #’s are S16177B, S16177-B, S16321, this part is a direct replacement part for any of these listed here.


w/ Screw x1 S14123, 8-32 X 3/8, PH, Truss, S/S


*Service TIP – when replacing the igniter remove the flash tube before installing the new igniter, then carefully re-install the flash tube.


To be used for the U-burner & Sear burners only, NOT used for the rotisserie igniter.


Parts List Hot Surface Igniter TEBQ-B added Y

Parts List Hot Surface Igniter TEBQ-C added Y


Video Instructions LINK for replacing the Hot Surface Igniter



Each, sold separately.